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A One Stop-Shop - PEO or ASO.

PayrollPayroll USA offers a comprehensive set of payroll-related services.

You can choose to purchase payroll services a-la-carte according to your needs or you can take advantage of a "One Stop Shop" working with a single-source provider for all of your Human Resource, payroll and employee benefits needs.

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We offer a workers' compensation policy with no up-front costs!

You can expect to save 5-30% over a standard compensation rate. (Savings will vary based on work type and claims.)

Gain a smorgasbord of benefits that would otherwise be available only to a larger employer.

Payroll USA will service your specific payroll needs. We provide employees with a number of benefits options that includes a Customized Group & Individual Major Medical Program (HMO, WPOS, PPO) - Dental, Vision, Life, Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, 401(k), Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Discount Plans, Flexible Spending Plan, etc.

Our Guarantee.

Whether you're a start up Shreveport business with 3 employees, or a Shreveport business that has been established for generations with thousands of employees, Payroll USA provides the same quality service for all our employee leasing clients.

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To request your free payroll quote, please call 866-999-9672 or complete our form to be contacted by a Payroll representative.


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Payroll Services in Shreveport, Louisiana
Processing of all payroll checks for employees, Employee direct deposit service, Certified payroll, Child support deductions, Remote time entry , Federal and State Filings, W-2, New Hire Reporting, Paid time off accruals, track vacation, sick time and much more. .


Workers Compensation in Shreveport, Louisiana
Providing Workers' Compensation coverage through Tower Group, an A.M. Best A- (Excellent) rated insurer.

Payroll USA acting as a PEO can get payroll with workers comp coverage approved within 24 hours (in most cases) – no need for large deposits.


Risk Management for your Louisiana operation
assists you as a PEO in creating and maintaining a safe work environment, while bearing full liability for workers’ compensation.

Designing effective safety program, safety training, safety manual, back to work programs,claims management and much more.


Free Registration for Agents
We partner with consultants, accountants, Insurance agents, salesmen, payroll sale consultants, etc. Earn residual income for each referral!

For more information give us a call at 866-999-9672.

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Payroll processing choices to fit your unique Shreveport Louisiana business.

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Whether you're looking for an employee leasing company, a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), ASO or lower workers' comp rates, Payroll USA can help. By outsourcing unemployment claims, payroll taxes, and employee benefits you will save time and money because our payroll leasing company can obtain the best rates for small to medium Louisiana businesses. 

We can set up direct deposits, online payroll, deal with wage garnishments, provide worker's compensation certificates and return to work policies as well as health insurance and risk management policies.

At Payroll USA we can provide all of your employee leasing and payroll service needs, for your Shreveport business.

Payroll USA, Inc. services companies and non-profit organizations i.e. churches, 501c3, etc. – large or small, we can process all types of payroll such as: construction payroll, hospitality payroll including restaurant payroll, professional payroll, franchise payroll, retail payroll, motion picture payroll, medical payroll,manufacturing payroll, payroll for staffing companies.

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